10 Ways to Stop False Information from Spreading about the Coronavirus

8Beware of Posts Playing On Your Sympathies

On the internet, in print and television, you may see coverage that plays on your sympathies by adopting an emotional tone. Usually, it is content that is jolly, happy, sad, bizarre, angry and anxious that tends to go viral. Such content works you up into paying attention by playing on your emotions. As one expert says, “Fear is one of the biggest drivers that allows misinformation to thrive.” You may receive content that provides you tips to protect your family from COVID-19. Do so by avoiding them. Also, warn others to follow suit.


Beware of Posts Playing On Your Sympathies

9Be Careful Of Grannies Remedies

Old wives tales are simply that, an old tale. In-office, at the bar, in a lounge, even on a bus you may hear people soliciting unwanted advice. Many will swear how garlic or ginger, how a saline gargle or some concoction can help prevent or cure COVID-19. Do not fear of being called a spoilsport. Voice out your firm opinion by stating facts. There are no such remedies, drugs or medication herbal or otherwise, that can cure COVID-19.

Be Careful Of Grannies Remedies

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10Be A Corona Warrior

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and whoever helps fight the virus is a corona warrior. Even if you are not a healthcare professional, worker or doctor, you can still do your part. There are memes, unfounded controversy calls, false information promoting the spread of COVID-19. Irrespective of whoever it may be, even your friends, do not be a party to false principles. You may feel your political principles are not in line with a government’s strategy. This is not an excuse to adopt a rigid stance. Instead be a true corona warrior by helping your country limit the spread of the rumors, myths, and protests that make the pandemic worse.

Be A Corona Warrior

Ordinary people doing their jobs, their duties and living their normal existence in not so normal times.


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