10 Ways to Stop False Information from Spreading about the Coronavirus

2020 can rightly be called the year of the coronavirus. COVID-19 has got the world well and truly in its grip and seems to be going nowhere. With almost 9,000 fatalities and over 27 million cases, the world still waits for a vaccine to help turn the tide. But, an invisible virus with asymptomatic patients can be difficult to control. Measures of social distancing, hand washing and mask-wearing are the best means of reducing the spread of COVID 19, but there is one more task that everyone needs to do. That is adopting these 10 ways to stop false information and fake news of COVID-19.


1 Check Your Source

It is a common practice to trust everything we see on the internet. Before we even think, we simply click forward, BUT STOP! Did you check the source of the information? There are several websites by quacks and charlatans promoting cures and spreading false information about COVID-19. Don’t resort to information heard from friends, neighbors and least of all fake websites. Your trusted source of information should only be your national health organization such as UKNHS, USCDC, medical research bodies and the WHO.

Coronavirus News

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2Be Critical Of Social Media

While social media can be used for good purposes, it can also be used for bad. Today, social media is the biggest platform of false information related to COVID-19. Clickbait articles that terrify you with the dangers of COVID-19 are only fear-mongering among people. The ruse of such titles that can creep you out is only for the purpose of making money. Avoid reading such websites, do not forward them or share them too. Instead, it would be better to click or hide them to avoid such false websites appearing on your feeds.

Be Critical Of Social Media

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3 Make More Noise Than The Fear Mongers Who Spread False Information

Paying a deaf ear to false information is as good as spreading it. There is an abundance of false information on the internet and by word of mouth. When you come across such mediums, voice your concerns by commenting or correcting people. Moreover, you can also help fight false information with regular calls to action on your own social feeds making the culprits responsible.

Stop Coronavirus from spreading

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