7 Of the most spine chilling Military encounters with UFO’s that were not exaggerated

During the seventies at the height of the cold war, The UCFO phenomenon peaked in the USA where the government relished the concept of people seeing alien craft everywhere. However that era was also the period of frequent testing of aircraft which actually resembled alien ships and were mistaken for such due to the height at which they were flying.


But when it’s the other way around, how does the government explain that when pilots encounter a UCFO on their mission, objects that in no way can be identified by markings, design or gadgetry whatsoever. Let’s take a look at 10 of these military encounters with UFOs.

1 The Dulce Incident, 1979

In Dulce on the border of Colorado and Mexico a man named Philip Schneider spilled the beans about a secret US military base he was contracted to work in by the US government. Schneider reported about the heavy military presence on the construction site. But what Schneider revealed was a shock to everyone.


He claimed that he was attacked by tall gray skinned aliens. His military escort opened fire and killed two of them even as one of the aliens retaliated with a plasma beam that caused Schneider to lose a couple of fingers. The incident took place inside a cavern where a total of sixty soldiers engaged in battle making the aliens retreat back into the cavern. Later Schneider was found murdered in his apartment.

The Dulce Incident, 1979

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2 The Chilean Time Warp, 1977

On April 25th 1977 a squad of Chilean soldiers under the command of Corporal Armando Valdes garrido was on a routine patrol in Putrie Northern Chile. After they set up camp the soldiers noticed something eerie in the sky at 4am. It was a strange light that repeatedly flashed and moved down towards the soldiers. The light was coming from a hill nearby and so they climbed up to investigate. They described it as a violet oval measuring 82 feet in diameter and with two intense red lights. The soldiers panicked but the brave corporal shouted out to the object to identify itself. Suddenly a mist that surrounded the object engulfed the corporal and he disappeared. Fifteen minutes later he reappeared stumbling and collapsed. He was unshaven too and his watch showed the date April 30th 1977.

Although he had no recollection of what transpired, it seemed he was transported five days into the future and back. Till today the incident is regarded as one of the strangest military encounters with UFOs.

The Chilean Time Warp, 1977

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3 The Chinese Air Force Encounter, 1998

It was a Monday, the 19th of October, 1998. An unidentified object was spotted near a flight training school by four Chinese Military radar stations in the Hubei province of Changzhou. A Jianjiao 6 fighter was scrambled to intercept the object even as innumerous witnesses saw the UFO from the ground. It appeared to be a small star like object with a dome and intense flashing lights.


Although the Jianjiao 6 fighter came within 4000 meters of the object, it evaded the fighter easily. The pilot was ordered not to engage but only observe, however the pilot soon ran out of fuel at 12000 meters and returned to base. Two more fighters were scrambled to continue the interception but the object disappeared from radar before they could do so.

The Chinese Air Force Encounter, 1998

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4 The Tehran Diamond, 1976

The Tehran diamond is one of the most famous documented UFO encounters by the military. Just after midnight of Sept 19th 1976 an unknown object was found in restricted Tehran airspace. F-4 Phantom II jet fighters were scrambled from the Sharokhi air force base with Captain Mohammed Reza Azizhani in command. As the pilots neared the object they could see it was lit up with a brilliant light,. At 25 nautical miles, Captain Azizhi lost all control with his communication and the jets instrumentation failed. He had no option but to return to base.

A second jet fighter piloted by Lt Parvis Jafari inched at Mach 1 towards the object. However when he noticed a smaller object detach from the main, he launched an AIM-9 sidewinder missile, surprisingly the launch failed and Jafari lost all weapons control. The smaller object returned to the biggest one after which Jafari’s instrumentation returned. In 2007, Jafari then a general stated at an American conference that the vehicle he encountered was an alien and not of earth.

The Tehran Diamond, 1976

Image Source: www.ufo-secret.com

5 The Malmstrom Air Force Base Missile Incident, 1967

In March 16th 1967, Captain Robert Salas was on duty at The Malmstring Air Force base in Montana which also served as a base for 10 ICBM’s (Intercontinental ballistic missile). Salas reported that suddenly the ICBMS were rendered inoperable even as Base security reported mysterious objects hovering in the sky where one also hovered at the front gate. They shone with a mysterious red glow. Eventually they disappeared and all controls and communication connected to the ICBMs returned.


Boeing engineers investigating the Missiles could not find any logical explanation. Moreover technology of the day was not advanced enough to emit a pulse of such high intensity t render the missiles inoperable, the incident remains a mystery.

Air Force Base Missile Incident, 1967

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6 Brazilian Air Force Chase, 1986

On the night of May 19th 1986, 20 objects were picked up on radar by the ATC at Sao Jose Do Campos airport in Southern Brazil. The personnel at the towers noticed that the objects were a red orange and travelled at speeds of 1000mph. A private Xingu jet owned by retired air force colonel Ozires Silva and the president of Oil Company Petrobras flying in the vicinity also reported seeing he objects. Silva orders his plane to follow the objects.


F-5E jet fighters were scrambled by Air defense from Santa Cruz air base as well as Mirage F-103 from Anapolis air base. Although a cat and mouse game ensued with the objects which numbered around 20 in total, the fighter jets were unable to effectively track or take any action against them. Pilots mentioned that the objects zigzagged from side to side. Ultimately, the UFOs disappeared from radar and the jets returned to base.

Brazilian Air Force Chase, 1986

7 The 1957 RB-47 UFO Encounter

In the early hours of the dawn on July 17th 1957, An Airforce RB-47 jet bomber was flying over Mississippi on a training mission having taken off from Forbes air base in Tpoka Kansas. Manned by six experienced pilots, the mission over they were flying home at 4am. Suddenly they noticed a strange object following them even as they flew from Mississippi through Texas and Louisiana into Oklahoma. The pilots viewing the object said it shone with a bright light and even showed as a solid object on radar.


The Bomber’s ECM controls also detected the object which actually flew a full circle around the bomber before flying off. While over Louisiana, the captain suddenly ordered everyone to brace themselves as he noticed another bright object hurtling towards the aircraft at lightning speed before vanishing. The object shadowed the plane on and off before again finally disappearing from radar. This was one of the closes experiences involving military encounters with UFOs.

The 1957 RB-47 UFO Encounter

Image Source: www.sfahistory.org


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