Heartbreaking News As The Species Of Blue Parrot From The Movie Rio Is Now Extinct

6The reception

The movie received mainly positive reviews from critics especially praising the vibrant colours and Rio’s culture and music showcased throughout the film. They also praised how the filmmakers talked about themes such as environmental issues, species extinction as well as animal smuggling. At the box office, it did very well making a total of $484 million to its $90 million budget.

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7The reality

Although this movie did spread awareness about the species of blue Spix macaw, the reality is much sadder. In the movie, the happy blue bird lived happily, meet a female of his species and fell in love. By the end of the movie the birds were living happily with children but in reality, the species has been believed to be extinct since 2000.

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These birds were discovered in Brazil in the year of 1819 by a naturalist by the name of Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix who was from Germany. It was in 1638 when Georg Marcgrave observed and described the species but the credit was given to Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix as he collected the specimen.

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Even after they were discovered in the wild they were considered to be rare as they were not easily spotted. There have been only a handful of people who have gone on record and claimed to have seen them. There isn’t much known about this species and the only photos of them are the ones taken in captivity.

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10Spotted in nature

These birds were considered extinct since the mid 20th century. They were spotted again in 1986 after their discovery in 1819. This was because of all the logging and grazing, burning, deforestation and agricultural development that took place along the Rio Sao Francisco corridor. Most of this was of the European colonization of eastern Brazil.

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