Heartbreaking News As The Species Of Blue Parrot From The Movie Rio Is Now Extinct

The animated movie ‘Rio’ which was released in 2011 was about the last male and female of the Spix macaw species of bird that needed to come together in order to save their species. This was based on the real-life issue that was plaguing this species. The movie also dealt with the themes of environmental destruction and animal smuggling.


The movie was a huge hit and was able to convey its message about saving the environment and animals. Unfortunately, the species of the bird shown in the movie has become extinct with researchers and environmentalists trying their very best to bring the species back.

1The movie idea

Rio was a 2011 animated movie by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. It was made to spread awareness about the species of the Spix’s macaw as they were on the endangered list for a really long time. This is what inspired the movie after the original plans about making it around a penguin that gets washed up in Rio. But then Movies like ‘Happy Feet’ in 2006 and ‘Surf’s Up’ in 2007 were released on the same topic.

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2The final product

The final movie focuses on the dying species of the Spix’s macaw. The male Spix’s macaw in the movie is voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and the female is voiced by Anne Hathaway. The male bird is called Blu and the female one is called Jewel. The movie follows the story of Blu as he is taken to Rio to mate with the female bird to continue their species.

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Blu was hatchling when his owner Linda found and adopts him. He is portrayed to be completely domestic and living by a certain routine and with certain needs and habits. Being a domesticated house bird, Blu never saw the need to learn how to fly and hence became scared of doing it.

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4Species going extinct

The female Spix macaw is the opposite of Blu. She is independent and very fierce by nature as she was born and raised in the wild. When environmentalist found out their species was going extinct, they captured her as she is the last female of their kind and kept her in captivity to keep her safe.

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5The story

The story mainly revolves around the two last of their kind birds, Blu and Jewel while also showcasing the rich culture and heritage of Rio. The movie also deals with bird trafficking and smuggling. The two main characters eventually fall in love and get kidnapped but escape and even have three little children by the end of the movie

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