Skier Jade Hameister Trolled For Polar Hat Trick; She Hits Back In Style

16 years old Australian skier Jade Hameister is no less than an inspiration to the entire world. She is the youngest person in the world who has completed the Polar Hat Trick. Her adventure included traversing of North Pole, South Pole and Greenland ice sheet. After her success, she delivered a TEDx talk where she described her efforts towards achieving Polar Hat Trick. While delivering the TEDx talk, she also aimed to inspire other ladies to pursue adventures in their lives.

1 Hameister was successful in achieving the Polar Hat Trick

Though Hameister was successful in achieving the Polar Hat Trick, she was not spared by the trolls. There were many trolls who shot all kinds of sexist remarks against her. One of the user said, “make me a sandwich.”

 Hameister was successful in achieving the Polar Hat

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2One of the user said, “make me a sandwich”

Hameister remembered the remarks till the time she completed her ski across the Greenland icecap which was second part of her Hat Trick. In order to make it to the South Pole, she carried a 220-pound sled for the distance of 373 miles through Antarctica.

make me a sandwic

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3After completing her journey, Hameister said, “I made you a sandwich”

After completing her journey, Hameister took a picture of herself at the Ceremonial South Pole. In the picture, it was seen that Hameister was holding a plate with sandwich on it. She wrote, “I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese),” Jade addressed the trolls. “Now ski <…> to the South Pole and you can eat it.”

I made you a sandwich

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