10 Signs You May Have Pisanthrophobia, (Fear Of Trusting Others) That May Be Destroying Your Relationship

9You need to be constantly reassured of your partner’s love for you

You always require a reassurance that your partner cares about you and how much they love you. The only reason you behave and act like this is because you want to be 100 % assured that your partner wouldn’t hurt you.


You feel that the only way you can get rid of this suspicion is when your partner tells you that they love you and they can spend most of their free time with you and constantly give you their affection.

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10You have pledged that you will never trust anyone again

You eventually have made yourself believe that everyone around is untrustworthy because of being hurt and betrayed too many times in the past.

You are actually trying to avoid getting hurt and you can’t stop yourself from thinking that the people around you are cheaters, manipulators, lairs, two-faced, etc. Who simply are in contact with you for their own advantage.


You will have to think and perceive things in a different way in order to build happy and long-lasting relationships with someone who can make you believe that there are people out there who are worth trusting.

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11You demand too much in your relationships

At the start of a relationship, you cannot expect your partner to have eternal love for you. You can’t expect them to always spend most of their time with you. You should not try making them lose in touch with their goals, interests, friends and making yourself their main priority. But you might be constantly doing this which should stop.

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12You’re too quick to break off relationships

If you’re the type of person who has difficulty trusting your partner as well as get jealous easily, this also indicates that you can easily break off relationships too.

The concept of giving second chances isn’t acceptable for you. Even if your partner has not done anything wrong, you’re always suspicious about their behavior and find ways to justify your actions. Without a second thought, you may even break up with them.


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