10 Signs You May Have Pisanthrophobia, (Fear Of Trusting Others) That May Be Destroying Your Relationship

5You think that you’ll be single forever

Complaining that you will never find someone who will be suitable for you and you won’t be able to form a healthy and happy relation can also mean that you have pistanthrophobia. You would literally start believing this.


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6You get jealous easily

You start becoming conscious about the place you take in your partner’s life that you start getting jealous about the simplest and smallest things. You constantly worry about whether your partner is being faithful to you or not. One thing should be kept in mind that even the strongest of relationships can be destroyed by extreme jealousy and irrational statements.


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7You perceive everyone as potential liars in disguise

You never trust what anyone tells you. You will believe that whatever they say has a lie behind it. When someone compliments you, the only thought that comes to your head is what a terrible liar they are. Your mind will be programmed in such a way that your though process would make you perceive people’s intentions in a negative way.


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8Murphy’s Law is one of your most favorite laws

You would follow Murphy’s Law which states that anything which is supposed to go wrong will go wrong. You would have a belief that you were not meant to be loved and even love someone. You should have it always pinned in your mind that it is important to think positive so that you can attract happiness, good things and love in your life.


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