10 Signs You May Have Pisanthrophobia, (Fear Of Trusting Others) That May Be Destroying Your Relationship

Do you always worry and think about what your partner is doing, or who they are spending time with when they are not with you. If you always think about your partner cheating on you or going deep into unimaginable scenarios where you reach such a point that you cannot trust anyone around you. If you experience all these thoughts and have always asked yourself these type of questions, this can mean that you have pistanthrophobia. Sounds a big word, doesn’t it? But the mental scenario that it describes isn’t a very unusual one and is common for many.


1What exactly is pistanthrophobia?

The fear of trusting other people is known as pistanthrophobia. You must have got hurt by numerous painful and difficult experiences. This can be a reason for you to have difficulty trusting people who are around you. In such a case, it may be difficult for you to trust the people around you especially if it was important people who have hurt and betrayed you. It may be difficult for you to express and share your emotions as well as build new relationships with new people.

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2Pisanthrophobia can cause problems in life

You can face many hindrances if you have pistanthrophobia. To avoid pistanthrophobia ruining your life and spoiling all your relationships, you need to know if you have it or not, here are 10 clear signs that your fear of trusting others is destroying your relationships which means you may be having pisanthrophobia.

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3You’re constantly overthinking everyone around you

Meeting someone new can make you think that whatever that person says may not all be true. You may observe their behavior closely and also try to find out their main objective. You may not pay attention to what they say because you may overthink and will be suspicious of them.

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4You find it hard to believe that trustworthy people exist

Your mind will make you believe that every person who you meet may hurt you in some way or the other. No matter how good they act towards you, your mind will mentally prepare you and make you think that they are just waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of your trust and betray you.

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