12 Signs That Can Reveal A Woman’s True Age

9Her forehead becomes flat

A woman’s forehead looses volume due to age-related atrophy causing the subcutaneous fat layer to decrease. However, Botox is not a good solution to this. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect as it only worsens the situation. The forehead might remain smooth with Botox shots, but it cannot prevent the forehead from losing its volume thereby revealing her true age.

Her forehead becomes flat

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10Her belly button changes in shape and size

As a woman grows older, the part of her body near and around her belly button will change in shape and size. This is usually due to extra weight, pregnancies, piercings, or illnesses like omphalocele. These signs of aging enable anyone to understand her actual age.

Belly button changes in shape and size

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11Her knees get drier

The skin on a woman’s knees is much drier than any other parts of her body which is why it is one of the first parts to lose its elasticity when she ages. It starts sagging and the situation can even get worse overnight.

Her knees get drier

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12Her elbows also become dry and saggy

The skin on the elbows, much like the knees, also becomes dry and saggy. As she grows older it becomes more and more clear. A person will be able to guess her age judging from the skin on her elbows along with the rest of the mentioned signs of aging.

Her elbows also become dry and saggy

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