12 Signs That Can Reveal A Woman’s True Age

5The size of her earlobes increases

Another one of the sure signs of aging are the increased size of the earlobes. Women tend to not care much about their earlobes in comparison to other parts of their body. What they aren’t aware of is that the earlobes lose their elasticity and thin fat layer as well. This makes them stretched out and this worsens when women wear big and heavy earrings.

The size of her earlobes increases

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6Her eyes and mouth corners move down

Her face’s appearance is given a slightly tired look due to the drooping corner of her lips and eyes. Those who don’t smile often have even more prominent drooping eyes and mouth due to the fact that their facial muscles which support the corners of the mouth weaken much faster.


Over the years the skin around the eyes also loses its elasticity and tone. It becomes difficult for the weakened tendons and muscles in the area to hold the corners of the eyes like they once did.

Her eyes and mouth corners move down

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7The “triangle of youth” gets inverted with its base down

People, in general, have the facial structure reminiscent of a triangle with the apex directed downward with the base along the forehead. This is known as the “triangle of youth”. However, this situation does change as people age. It turns upside down and its base goes downward. Over the years the subcutaneous fat layer “slides” down the face causing the cheeks to lose their youthful elasticity and firmness. This results in the development of nasolabial folds which makes a woman look older.

Triangle of youth

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8Her look becomes less open as her brow ridges lower

Young women usually have good skin tension which holds their eyebrows in place and doesn’t allow them to ‘slide’ down. This is mainly due to the collagen that sustains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Aging decreases the collagen production which weakens the facial muscles causing them to sag due to gravity. This results in the brows gradually moving down and being pressed on those muscles. This causes it to hang over her eyes giving her face a grumpy look.

Her look becomes less open

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