12 Signs That Can Reveal A Woman’s True Age

You can guess a woman’s age by looking at her hands, neck, wrinkles, and from the number of gray hair she has. However, there are still many noticeable signs of aging which can reveal a woman’s age at first glance. These obscure attributes tend to add more years to women who are considered to be the representatives of the beautiful half of the planet.


While changes during aging don’t exactly ruin a woman’s appearance instead it adds a special charm and allure. These signs are subtle yet very demonstrative which can allow a stranger to guess the true age of a woman. These signs include:

1 Her lips lose their volume and moisture

Over the years, the shape of a woman’s lip can change too. They start losing volume as she gets older, becomes drier, and gets so-called pure-string wrinkles around them. From being plump, juicy, and sensual, their lips become visually thinner and smaller.

Her lips lose their volume and moisture

Image Source: keeng.net

2Her teeth become dull

Teeth too, become dull with age. The enamel gets thinner while the teeth fall out. Once the teeth get darkened, it automatically adds a few years to her appearance. Other factors such as eating junk food and drinking sugary sodas can even contribute to this.

Her teeth become dull

Image Source: tomandlorenzo.com

3She gets dark circles under her eyes

After the age of 30, the subcutaneous fat layer becomes extremely thin as collage production decreases. This causes the skin around the eyes to lose its density and become more transparent thereby revealing the blood vessels under her eyes. This makes the tell-tale signs of aging- dark circle clearly visible on her face.

She gets dark circles under her eyes

Image Source: www.nastroy.net

4Her skin loses its luster and the complexion fades

One of the most noticeable signs of aging is the fact that her complexion loses its once healthy and glowing look. With aging, her complexion becomes much duller than before. This is due to a decrease in collagen and elastin synthesis. Other factors such as lack of sleep, bad habits, unhealthy diet, improper care, and fatigue can also contribute to the process.

Her skin loses its luster and the complexion fades

Image Source: www.cna.al


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