13 Signs That Reveal You Are Way More Intelligent Than You Think

There are many people who though intelligent feel otherwise. However, according to psychological studies, there are signs that can indicate that a person has a high degree of intelligence and it is simple but unique things which demote such qualities. For example, you will have seen how doctors have illegible handwriting or geniuses with weird quirks. These are the signs of intelligent people. So here are 13 signs that you are more intelligent than you think you are.


1You take music lessons

You have either taken music lessons or are taking them. Either way studies say that when someone learns to play a musical instrument, it improves development in childhood. One such study says that one month of music lessons will make children 4-6 year old improve in school and their test scores. It will also help them to study better. If you learned to play the violin when you were a child, then that’s the possible reason why you may be good at higher levels of thinking things through in your adult life. There are loads of different instruments that people might have played though. You don’t even have to be a young child to start playing an instrument. If you decide that you want to start practising on a digital piano then you should do just that. You could even get one from somewhere like Amidio. All that matters is that you enjoy what you play though.

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2You’re the eldest child in the family

One such research provided the suggestion that the older siblings in a family have higher IQs in comparison to their younger siblings. This is also the possible reason why the eldest is usually more successful in life than the younger ones of the family.

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3You figure is a slim one

An investigation in 2006 revealed something very interesting. It observed that a larger waistline led to reduced cognitive abilities. It also observed that those eleven year old kids who fared poorly in exam scores were inclined to become obese by the age of forty. There is a high chance that their intelligent peers study more, improved in education and also takes better care of their health.

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4You were breast-fed as a baby

A study in the UK and New Zealand found that among 3000 children, those who were breastfed as babies scored 7 more points on IQ tests than those who were not. This only applied to those possessing a particular gene whose association with breast-feeding is still unknown.

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5As a child, you loved reading

Do you remember if you read a lot even as a child? This could indicate that you are far more intelligent than others especially of your love for books started at a very early age. One research involving 2000 pairs of twins found that infants who learned how to read earlier in life scored higher in exams and tests later on in life. The authors are of the belief that if a child starts reading at an early age, it will improve their verbal and non verbal abilities.

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6You’re left-handed

Research data points out suggestions that several criminals were left handed people and in you, criminals are very smart people too. While experts are yet to explain this, current research found that lefties are prone to divergent thinking which is a type of creative thought process one resorts to for solving tasks and problems. Left handed people are also inventive and tend to have a knack of getting out of tough situations. That is a sign of higher intelligence.

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7You worry a lot

There are many studies which prove that those who worry about stuff are way more intelligent than those who do not. It is possible that those who worry are constantly thinking about the consequences of various actions and employ their worrying thought process to make sure things turn out as smoothly or in the best way possible.

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8You’re tall

A Princeton University study concluded that children who were tall studied better than others. When they became adults, they are more inclined to earn more money. This means you should straighten your back and be proud of yourself.

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9You have a sense of humor and can be funny

Not everyone is humorous but it just so turns out that humor and high intelligence are connected somehow. Intelligent people can be funny and possess a good sense of humor. Research found that among 400 students who were put through an intelligence test after which they were required to think up amusing captions for cartoons, the ones who scored higher on tests were the ones who thought the funniest captions.

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10You’re curious

One professor of business psychology at London University concluded in his study that curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Curiosity is one of the most important characteristics of intelligent people. It was curious people who displayed a more refined way of thought and also possessed a liking for long term travel and discovery of new things and developing themselves like people.

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11You are a perfectionist

Intelligent people usually strive for perfection. They will not be satisfied until a project they work on isn’t done perfectly with attention to detail. They aren’t usually satisfied with things and even if it concerns sport, they are invariably the best player on the team. Where appearances are concerned, they will go to great lengths to look perfect and will not hesitate to purchase a new wardrobe to improve their grooming. They always live life as if it is a project in progress.

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12You are a real night owl

Some research has shown that those who like staying up at night working have a higher intelligence than those who are early risers. It is a well known fact that it is easier to be creative at night when all is quiet and one is alone and well tuned into their own thoughts. This ability wasn’t exactly given by nature which is why scientists concluded that those who are intelligent sleep late because they try to expand their own creative abilities and follow their own creative pursuits late at night.

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13You have messy handwriting

Now there is no disputing or refuting this fact. Take a look at doctors whose handwriting is barely legible. Creative disorder is considered a concept that was established years ago proved by research that says it provides fuel to those having a creative nature. Illegible or messy handwriting is one of the signs of a creative and intelligent person.

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