11 Signs of Bad Parenting That Most Parents Fall Into Without Even Realizing It

Parenting mistakes are usually not talked of and discussed adequately in some cultures as its deeply entrenched that parents cannot be wrong! And whatever they do or say no matter how toxic, it may be, it is always by default for the child’s ultimate good. But unfortunately, parents can be wrong. Bad parenting is not only damaging to the child but also dangerous as they cause depression, anxiety and even Cancer! Parents may think its love but it is not actually. Here are some bad parenting traps we fall into without even realizing it.


1Helicopter parents can make children friendless

Parents who are always telling their kids how to behave and manage their affairs in schools, college are actually making them a misfit. They make their children unfit to socialize and adapt in the world on their own which severely damages their confidence and ego sometimes permanently, making them a recluse. If you don’t want that for your child, then let them deal with their daily struggles, emotional upheavals and even heartbreaks by themselves. Be there for guidance and advise but only when they need your help. Let the child heal by himself and you will have turned him into a stronger individual already.

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2Spanking to discipline a child can lead to respiratory problems

In this day and age, there are an unbelievable number of parents who believe in physical punishment like canning or spanking. This feudal way of controlling kids has been banned in many countries and schools and it has mighty good reasons for it too. Scientists have actually proven that physical punishment leads to negative psychological effects on the child, sometimes scarring them forever. The abusive behavior makes them into a recluse or a bully. It can turn them towards drugs and alcohol and criminal disposition. This is just the behavioral harm but the list of actual psychological and physical harm is even scarier such as higher risk of cancer, cardiac problems, asthma and panic fits etc. instead a firm mature one to one talk between child and parents is more effective.

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3Comparing is the key to low self-worth

From time unknown some parents have the habit of comparing their own kids with other kids in a negative way hoping it would motivate and help but this is wrong. As such a parent what you actually achieve is low self-esteem, lack of confidence and an insecure kid who has unfortunately lost all his trust in you…Congrats! So be ready for a recluse kid who will never share their problems with you and be distant as they grow older. To remedy this, initiate healthy communication and stop the negative comparison of your kid to others.

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4Inconsistent parenting leads to a vulnerable child

What really ticks off a child’s confidence is instable behavior of their parents. If you as a mature parent cannot control your mood swings after a day’s work how do you expect your kids to trust you? They are not minding readers but they are good at picking up behavioral hints and this would mean they would only come to you when they feel safe and secure around you and otherwise they would always make themselves scarce around you creating a barrier between you and your kids which will keep rising higher with age. It’s easier said done but try to maintain a balanced and consistent pattern in the house which should be healthy, normal and fun. At least till the kids go to bed!

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