A Shark bit this women and still stuck to her arm even on the way to hospital


Shark attacks are sometimes a common occurrence in waters of Florida where victims have been known to be bitten in different places. But! Very recently one of the weirdest shark attacks happened when a woman was attacked while taking a dip in the sea. This predator shark attacked alright, but what happened after that was downright shocking. The shark didn’t let go!!

This woman was rushed to hospital with a live shark stuck to her arm as a sharp tooth latched on, like a clothespin. This shark although not very big just refused to relent. It had its jaws firmly shut into the woman’s arm.

1 The Weirdest Shark Attack As Reported By Witnesses

The incident happened in the coastal town of Boca Raton in Florida. When the 23-year-old woman was swimming, she was attacked by what is known as a Nurse Shark, common to the area. According to eye witness Bob Lemons, who works for Boca Raton fire rescue , it was the weirdest shark attack he had ever seen because even though the woman was clearly out of the water when rescuers reached her, the shark was still dangling from her hand.


While the woman was rushed to the hospital by paramedics, the shark, almost two feet long was still stuck to her arm. The scene was no doubt shocking and horrifying to witnesses and passersby as this could well be the first incident of its kind in Florida.

Weirdest Shark Attack As Reported By Witnesses

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


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