See what the teenager hacker has to say about the hacking of CIA Director’s email account

3 The information that got leaked


The group CWA started posting screen shots of the information they got from the e-mail account on their Twitter page. Subsequently all the pages of the group got deleted or suspended. They also passed on the documents to Julain Assange’s Wiki-leaks. Wiki-leaks released some of the documents and say they would be publishing more in the coming days. Some of the documents on which they could get a hold on, was an earlier version of a bill defining the limits of the interrogation method. The leaked documents also have the letter from the Missouri Republican Senator Christopher Bond, who was then a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Another document with the hackers is a 47 page SF-86 application which the CIA Director had filled to obtain his top secret government security clearance. Though none of the documents are classified documents, but still some really sensitive data got stolen from the email account. Most of these documents are from a period before 2008 and Brennon assumed office in 2013.But it still is a great threat the entire Cyber security scene.

 The information that got leaked

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