See how your thumb reveals your personality traits

Our body and its physical parts have a lot of potential to tell a lot of things about our personality. We may not even be aware that we possess these personality traits, but when we become aware of how a physical part of our shows what’s inside us, we mostly can’t agree more. Here, I am about to tell you what your thumb says about you. So, Thumbs Up!

1 The first half is longer than the second half

Unlike the fingers, your thumb is divided into parts. Now if your first half/upper phalange (biological term for bones of the fingers and thumbs) is longer than the second phalange, then you are driven by a strong sense of will power. You are a hard-working person who will eventually achieve his goal, and learn most of the things be trial and error. But you have a tendency to be a little overpowering and as a lover you can get obsessive. When you fall in love you will be totally faithful, and your excess love for a person can lead you to neglect your studies and work. Just be careful with that, and as you have a strong will power, you can overcome any situation if you decide that you have to rise above it.

The first half is longer than the second half

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