See how a chiropractor cured this teenage boy’s chronic back pain

One day you wake up from your sleep in the morning as usual, but while getting up from the bed, something somewhere in your back gives way and suddenly you are in so much pain that you cannot even move from your current position. This might be a onetime thing or a precursor of something damaging. But you can be rest assured, that the thing causing your pain will go in some time with you popping a pain killer.

Anyone with serious back pain issues can vouch for the discomfort it causes and the way it hinders day to day activities. And if someone has paralysis of any kind, it means that the spine which sends signals to rest of the body via the nerves has been damaged.

Here is a similar case of a 17 year old boy named Muntathar, who was suffering from crippling back pain and loss of sensation in his right side. Here is how he was cured of the pain and how he regained sensation in his right limb.
The video of his journey from pain to freedom can be viewed on the last page.

1 Who is the teenage boy?

The image is of a 17 year old boy Muntathar Altaii from the US. He was a normal teenager going through life when at the start of the year; he hurt his back in process of trying to pull up a tree root.


The pain in his back made it impossible for him to stand and walk straight. He spent 3 months bed ridden and in extreme pain. He also lost sensation in his right leg and was not feeling anything in it. He had seen every doctor he could but no one could help him get rid of the pain or give him his normal life back.

Who is the teenage boy

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