If you see this attractive thing at the beach, DO NOT TOUCH IT or go near it!


Mother Nature has a very weird sense of humor when it comes to making things that look attractive and are dangerous. You must know the saying about animals that the more attractive they are, the more deadly they come out to be.

There are many examples of attractive but deadly animals like Wolverine, Jellyfish, Poison dart frog, Swan and many more animals that could kill you either with their cuteness or because they are just deadly. One such aquatic animal has been seen on the beaches of many countries worldwide and there has been warnings put out, that under no circumstances you should go near it.

We have all the information about what that thing is and why you should not venture near it.


1 What is that thing?

Beaches are places where people go to unwind themselves and enjoy some peaceful time under the sun and in the water. But what happens when the beaches become terrorized by something that is attractive and deadly at the same time.

Beaches in England and some other parts of the world are being plagued with a genuinely dangerous problem of encroachment by a very deadly species of fish. Suitably named the ‘Portuguese man o’ war’, a species of jellyfish has been encroaching on the beaches of England in hundreds of numbers. The creatures which are known as siphonophores are organisms that rely on one another for survival and are found in surface of water. They are known for their deadly stings.

What is that thing?

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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