15 Secrets to Help you Memorize Things Easily

To be able to keep your memory retaining capacity strong, we first need to know why we forget stuff in the first place. The next step would be to learn techniques that will help us in memorizing information more effectively. In fact, a German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus developed a universal formula that helps us memorize things with ease. This formula has been known to work with amazing results.


1Why is it that we forget?

There is a lot of useless information which won’t exactly help you in any way and your brain helps you by protecting from overloading on such information. This is why the brain chooses to keep storing all new information in the short-term memory instead of long-term memory. If there is no need to use any of the new information repeatedly then it will soon be forgotten.

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2We can forget what we learn after a week

According to research, a graph displaying an Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve indicates that after one of hour of learning we end up forgetting more than half of the information we just learnt. A week later we can only remember only 20 %.

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3How to be able to remember almost everything?

As we already know by now that we have two types of memory- one for long-term and one for short-term, and in order to be able to remember information for a longer time, we need to store it in the long-term memory. It won’t be very effective to force your brain to memorize things because it’s not possible for your brain to make sense of the information so fast and form strong associations. By only extending the memorization period you can ensure that you remember things for a long time. This period should be as long as a few days or perhaps even weeks.

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4To memorize quickly

Practicing interval memorization using self-made cards or by using special applications such as Anki (Android, iOS), and Supermemo (Android, iOS). There is also something called the “Space Repetition Technique” where you revise stuff after learning them:

  • 1st Repetition: Right after learning.
  • 2ndRepetition: After 15-20 minutes.
  • 3rd Repetition: After 6-8 hours.
  • 4th Repetition: after 24 hours.
  • To memorize for a long time

  • 1st Repetition: Right after learning.
  • 2ndRepetition: After 20-30 minutes.
  • 3rd Repetition: After 1 day.
  • 4th Repetition: After 2-3 weeks.
  • 5th Repetition: After 2-3 months.

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5Try understanding whatever you learn

When you understand the stuff that you learn, memorizing it becomes 9 times faster. This way you will be able to remember the information for a longer period of time as well. Moreover, you then memorize your concept and understanding of something rather than its description.


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