15 Recent Scientific Discoveries That Prove that the World is a Strange Place

6A dinosaur brain

In 2004, in Sussex, a small “stone” was found. It was later found out to be the fossilized remains of a dinosaur brain. It is approximately 133 million years old. Scientists studied this extensively, using a special microscope, to find more about this ancient, extinct creature – a combination of archaeology and science.

Image Source: baomoi.com

7The first humans

A skeleton of Australopithecus was exhibited in 2017. It was found in Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa. This species is one of the earliest human species and the skeleton was about 3.6million years old! The skeleton was practically intact. Studies and reconstruction revealed that the skeletal form was closer to modern human form than was earlier thought. It is believed to have belonged to a girl, who fell off a cliff.

Image Source: newsapi.com.au

8A blue whale’s heart

This item is almost impossible to recover, as it sinks to the bottom of the ocean, as the whale dies. However, in 2014, one washed ashore and it was astonishing. It weighs nearly 440 pounds, and is the size of an average car! Due to its massive size, it beats very slowly.  It was studied extensively by scientists and has been preserved.

Image Source: wired.com

9A silk chicken?

Looks like a toy right? The silky chicken is an actual breed of chicken. What is so special about it? It has feathers like silk, it has black bones and blue earlobes! It has 5 toes on each foot, unlike a normal chicken, which has only 4 toes. These chickens should be in museums, not in soups!

Image Source: www.mypetchicken.com

10Bloodthirsty butterflies

These pretty things are actually quite scary. Butterflies drink blood. They are not parasites, so they don’t suck out blood like mosquitoes. But they drink blood if it is available, or they find it. Blood is full of minerals and nutrients. This is a great source of nutrients for butterflies.

Image Source: ytimg.com

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