15 Recent Scientific Discoveries That Prove that the World is a Strange Place

We know that without the past, the present cannot exist. In order for us to live, we have to learn from the past. But this knowledge is not always readily available. There are complex processes which have to be used to find these out. Researchers and archaeologists dedicate their lives to discovering the past.


Some of these are mind-blowing in a positive way, while others are shocking. Scientific discoveries are shocking people every day too. There are so many things we did not know about life. This article brings some recent discoveries, both scientific and historical, which will blow your mind.

1Chinese treasures

Recently in China, in the grave of a nobleman, some interesting household items were found. Bronze vessels with intricate craftsmanship, which are very rare were the most important find. Scientists believe that this is the first grave of what was an ancient cemetery, and many more interesting discoveries will follow.

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2A mummy in a statue

A Buddha statue was scanned and inside it, was the mummy of a Buddhist monk. Lieu Quan lived approximately in the 11-12th centuries. However, the most interesting part was that the innards of the monk were replaced by ancient scrolls which had the text of prayers. We wonder how special these prayers are, for them to have been hidden this way.

Image Source: www.noa.al

3Monet’s secrets

Claude Monet is a very popular French painter. A secret collection of paintings belonging to Monet were found. These contained the works of Pissarro, Signac, and Manet, proving that Monet was not opposed to the Neo-Impressionists, as some believe. However, he did not state how he acquired them, which is why they were displayed in public, only in 2017.

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4Tooth décor

A skull of a Native American, living in the southern part of North America man was found, with his teeth studded with semiprecious stones. It was a common practice and most people did it. The tools used were obsidian drills and resin or bone-based glues. Therefore, this is not a cool, new practice, but actually dates back centuries.

Image Source: www.stoplusjednicka.cz

5Handmade blankets

These unique blankets were displayed for the first time in 2017. It was initially thought that these were knit by soldiers while they were in the hospital, but later research revealed that these were created on the battlefield by soldiers, some of whom were probably doing it for the first time. They were made during the Prussian wars, Napoleon’s conquests and the British colonial wars in South Africa and India.

Image Source: baomoi.com

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