10 Stunning discoveries that were major scientific breakthroughs of 2016

2016 might have had its ups and down. The biggest political upsets as well as the Olympics. In the news, the year saw several upheavals and crisis that rocked the world. However in terms of technology and progress, 2016 has been a spectacular year for science. Take a look at 10 of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2016.


1 Paralyzed man feels again

A paralyzed man was made to feel the use of his limbs once again by the help of a technological chip implant in his brain which helped move his robotic arm. The breakthrough emphasizes the endless possibilities of how technology and robotics can be integrated into the human brain.

 Paralyzed man feels again

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2 The eye “resets” itself when looking at rotating objects

Scientists discovered that the eye actually reset itself when looking at rotating objects. Although not a spectacular discovery, it provided valuable insight on the workings of the physiology of the human body, the eye in particular. The observation was made during another experiment involving wires attached to the cornea of the eye.

looking at rotating objects

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3 The ALS ice bucket challenge actually achieved something

The world famous internet and social media trend the ice bucket challenge raised funds that helped scientists make an important social discovery. While research was underway to observe the mechanics of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), scientists discovered a new gene associated with the dreadful disease. The discovery is vital seeing that there is no cure at present for ALS.

The ALS ice bucket challenge

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4 Stem cells that can reduce blindness

Japanese scientists created stem cells with the ability to reduce human blindness which can now help doctors partially or completely replace a human eye. The research found that human eye tissue can be created in a lab with the help of stem cells. Although at present only corneas have been grown, it won’t be long before the entire eye will be recreated successfully.

Stem cells that can reduce blindness

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5 Human editing

This may seem frightening and perhaps the biggest scientific breakthrough of 2016. Scientists have discovered that the physiology of the human body can actually be cut, edited and reformed for improvement and introducing desirable traits in ones human physiological make up. Although the question arises whether this is ethical or not to tamper with a naturally born human, the ability of the discovery to treat disease is phenomenal.

Human editing

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6 Too much Education poses a health risk

Swedish studies found those with higher intellect were more likely to suffer from brain tumors in comparison to those who weren’t. The findings were made form a stress perspective noting that the trend was more pronounced in women than men.


Too much Education poses a health risk

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7 A blood test that detects early stages of skin cancer

This was recently in the news where a simple blood test would reveal the potential or early development of cancer. It also meant that the disease could easily be treated in the initial stages. The blood test used a cell protein to track the stages of the skin cancer early enough to enable effective treatment against it.

blood test that detects early stages of skin cancer

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8 Stroke Patient walks

Scientists injected stroke patients with stem cells that helped them to recover and reduce paralysis. Most of the patients who received such therapy actually walked again and even displayed an improved quality of life.

Stroke Patient walks

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9 New genes to identify intellectual diseases in children

Scientists in Canada have been successful in pinpointing 11 new genes responsible for various intellectual diseases and problems in Children impairing their intellectual and communicative abilities. This means that such diseases will be targeted and identified for specific and customized treatment that will vastly improve the child’s development and quality of life.

New genes to identify intellectual diseases

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10 Medicine that can grow muscle cells and remove scar tissues from the heart

A major scientific breakthrough of 2016 has been observed in the formulation of medicine possessing the ability to grow muscle tissue and reduce scar tissue for the heart. This holds very promising for the future of medicine and cardiovascular disease where healthy heart tissue can be regenerated and save several lives.

Medicine that can grow muscle cells

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