A Janitor was asked to clear a spill in the gym. What happens next will leave you in tears


Janitorial work is one of the most important and essential job in every establishment, whether it is a big corporate or a small business, a big college or a small elementary school. You need some people to keep the place clean and tidy and pick up after people make a mess of the place. Many people view such jobs as menial and insignificant and do not treat people who work in such positions nicely or give them the respect they deserve. It is a work that they do because they are hard pressed financially or were not fortunate enough to get proper education, however whatever may be the situation, such workers should also be appreciated and acknowledged for their services.

Here is a shining example of a Nashville Elementary School, which did the exact thing under Kleenex sponsored program and watch the surprise they gave to the person who keeps their school clean and them healthy.

1 Mr. Patton and the elementary school

Mr. Patton works as a janitor and custodian at a Nashville Elementary School. He did his work sincerely and truthfully and always greeted every student with a wonderful smile and was always ready to help anyone in any way possible. He said that he takes pride in working for the school and that he gives his best every day at work. He loves the children who study there and he knows that children also love him. “It’s really important for kids to go to a clean school,” he said.


The school decided to show gratitude to his work by giving him a surprise that he will not forget for his lifetime.

Mr. Patton and the elementary school

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