Scary Scenario – What if Earth lost all of its oxygen for just 5 seconds

The only reason there is life on Earth is because it has the most habitable environment to host living species. It has water, oxygen, and an ozone layer that protects us from the harmful radiation form sun rays. Perhaps the most important thing required for our survival present on Earth is breathable oxygen.

Oxygen keeps us alive and provides protection from harmful sun rays. Yes it’s given that the humans can hold their breath for up to 2 minutes under normal circumstances. But the scenario can very well take an awful sci-fi movie twist if all the oxygen on Earth disappeared for just 5 seconds.

The amount seems innocuous, given that we can survive without breathing for more than 5 seconds. But when someone asked the same question on a website, the answers were horrifying enough to chill our spines.

Here are some of the answers given on what would happen if Earth lost its entire oxygen for 5 seconds.


1 Everybody on a beach will get immediate sunburns

People visit the beach to enjoy the sea water and bath under the energising sun light and also get a tan. But sunrays can be very harmful, if they come in contact with us directly. But they get filtered through the Ozone layer of Earth, which removes the harmful radiation from the sunrays and then allows it to pass through.

But if Earth lost is oxygen, the ozone layer, which is made up of oxygen molecules will disappear and unfiltered sunlight will give everyone on the beach a severe sun burn. In other words, without the ozone layer, we all would be toast.

Everybody on a beach will get immediate sunburns

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