This scary image is going viral for a very creepy reason, see for yourself

Not many people believe in ghosts and spirits, until they encounter them on a first person basis. There are many spots in the world, considered extremely haunted with proof of paranormal activities happening there. But people still say that is because of faulty equipment and what not. Here is a photograph that will give you the chills when you come to know the story behind it and what is there in the photo.

1 The back-story on the image

Kim Davison and one of the friends took their kids to a picnic of sorts to Murphy’s hole at the Lockyear River in 2014. While the family was cooling off in the water, Kim’s daughter told her mom that something had pulled on her leg 2-3 times from under the water. Kim dismissed the concern as nothing, but something hitting the leg in the river. But the suspicion got more serious when Kim herself went for a last dip in the river before heading home and felt that someone was following her as she walked out of the water. They had their minds blown off when they reached home and plugged in the camera to see the photos they had taken, when a particular photo stood out from the others.

Kim Davison with her friends

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