23 Scary and Amazing Photos of Natural Disasters Revealing How We Do Not Run the World

In the last decade, the world has seen some pretty frightening natural disasters across the globe and a number of them were of epic proportions with scenes that seemed straight out of a disaster movie. The destruction was devastating to property and life making such moments frightening to behold. In the US alone, there have been disastrous storms and hurricanes like Irma that struck coastal towns and destroyed almost everything in its path. There are many homes that are often affected by these disasters, and homeowners are regularly looking for support from companies similar to centralmarylandroofing.com to assist with roof and storm damage repair. But while before a storm, or even during it, it may be terrifying, it is the aftermath that reveals the true power and nature of the phenomenon that reveals how helpless and powerless we are in the face of nature. Some of the scenes can also be very surprising too, so take a look.


1The trees after storm Xavier in Germany

Cyclone Xavier crossed Northern Europe in October 2017 and affected Germany the most causing widespread damage where winds were reported at speeds of 125 mph in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. You can see the condition of trees after the storm was over.

Image Source: www.mercurynews.com

2Swimming pool among dirty floodwater

Flooding is one of the worst disasters because it brings with it dirty flood waters which means infection and a lot of dirt once it reduces. This is a perfect example of how nature chooses what to destroy. The immaculate blue swimming pool remains untouched among dirty flood water.

Image Source: brightside.me

3A mountain on fire in Tucson, Arizona

Arizona has had several notable fires throughout the years and in 2017 was one of the worst caused by humans when a father shot off an explosive to celebrate the birth of a boy. The explosion started a fire that raged on to damage property worth $8 million and the evacuation of 100 people. This is a picture of one such fire in Tucson.

Image Source: warosu.org

4After Hurricane Irma

This is a scene in Paraquita Bay (British Virgin Islands) before and after Hurricane Irma. Irma was one of the most devastating and catastrophic hurricanes observed in the Atlantic in 2017 which is also the strongest on record. The hurricane caused $64 billion worth of damage. This photo is a perfect example of the quiet bay and then after the devastation of Irma.

Image Source: brightside.me

5A hurricane damaged boardwalk

Hurricanes are unforgiving and destroy anything and everything in their path. One of the worst hurricanes to hit US shores was hurricane Katrina in 2005 that killed over 2500 people. This damaged boardwalk shows the power of a hurricane that can tear down anything.

Image Source: tyisho.com

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