Risk period declared over but San Andreas earthquake overdue says experts

The San Andreas Fault extending 800 miles across California is always in the news. The sensitive earthquake prone zone recently worried experts again because of an increase in seismic activity in the Salton Sea area over the last week. The activity had caused many to issue elevated risk warnings of an impending mega earthquake in the San Andreas Fault.


However by Tuesday the risk was significantly reduced prompting authorities to declare with relief that the risk for a San Andreas Fault earthquake is over.

1 Risk period has now been declared over

The risk to the San Andreas Fault by last week’s heightened seismic activity has now been declared over. The advisory was issued on Tuesday by the California governor’s office of emergency service. For all those living in the area without having received such news and felt the tremors last week should take it easy as the risk period is over and you are now safe, well! For the moment until the fault decides to act up again.


Although the safety period has now been declared residents are still under the effects of the warning period. Many have brought out their safety lists and bolting down furniture in preparation for the big daddy of quakes which is a perennial assumption given the nature of the San Andreas Fault.

The risk to the San Andreas

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2 Last week a swarm of tremors shook Southern California

Last week almost 200 tremors shook Southern California’s Salton Sea area prompting the authorities to declare the advisory of San Andreas Fault earthquake till October 4th. According to the US geological survey, swarm like seismic activity is common to the region and has occurred many times in the past. Most experts are optimistic that nothing much could happen.

Authorities in San Bernardino even shut down City Hall preempting an earthquake. According to mark Scott San Bernardino’s city manager “We’re just trying to use an abundance of caution. We care about the safety of the public and our employees.”

tremors shook Southern California

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3 Scientists feel major earthquake long overdue

Seismologists have been busy keeping track of a swarm of earthquakes south of the San Andreas Fault. Experts are of the opinion that the Fault is long overdue for a mega earthquake of 7 or more. Increased seismic activity in the vicinity of a fault is always cause for grave concern as such activity could trigger a bigger one.’


The southernmost stretch on the San Andreas Fault hasn’t ruptured since the year 1680. But according to scientists a large earthquake usually happens in the area on an average of every 150 to 200 years. This means the San Andreas Fault earthquake is long overdue.

Scientists feel major earthquake

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