Her daughter was almost cut in half in a car crash all because of this one shocking mistake

Shelly martin of Richmond VA one day received the most devastating call of her life. Her daughter Samantha and her husband had just been in a terrible car accident just after returning from a fair in Henrico. The car they were riding in crashed into a tree but while Shelly’s husband escaped with minor injuries, Samantha the little girl was almost cut in half. Hopefully, they had someone similar to Trolling Towing according to JD of Trolling Towing in Denver having your car towed after an accident to reduce how obstructed the rest of the road users are with a private towing service.


This mom warns parents about car safety especially after the gruesome accident where her daughter required a binder around her stomach to keep her organs from falling out. That’s how bad it was.

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1 Almost cut in half

Little Samantha’s lacerations around her stomach were critical. She had also sustained head injuries in the process. The big question is why had the daughter been injured so fatally. It was all due to a mistake that many people make while driving with kids in the car, that’s what has made Samantha take to social media where this mom warns parents about child safety in cars.

It was the seat belt that bruised Samantha’s stomach and lacerated her abdomen. This kind of situation can lead to the family speaking to a car accident lawyer about compensation to help with the recovery, especially as she was almost cut in half where surgeons had to actually bind her together before surgery. Thankfully there was help at hand when Laura Kenny who witnessed the accident rushed to help.

Almost cut in half

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2 After weeks of recuperating, Samantha is on her way to recovery

After three weeks of recuperation and treatment, Samantha was ready to go home. However it will be some time before she actually recovers and till then, Shelly has to help her with all her everyday functions. Samantha still has the binder on her stomach which will remain till she heals.


Please PAY ATTENTION ALL PARENTS. SEATBELTS ARE SHOULDER BELTS AND NOT UNDERARM OR OVER STOMACH BELTS. That’s right! When you fasten a seat belt it should be over the shoulder just like the drivers does so in the driving seat. It should never be strapped across the stomach, behind the back or under arm. This mom warns parents about car safety and has been brave enough to admit her mistakes publically for the benefit of others. Had her daughter been riding in a booster seat with the shoulder belt she may not have been injured fatally.

Samantha is on her way to recovery

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3 Tips on car safety that should not be ignored

When you put the shoulder belt behind the back, the head and chest protection is reduced making the head vulnerable to surging forward more than it should on impact. Strapping the shoulder belt behind the back can make you jack-knife over yourself in a crash because a body will bend at the belly button and not at the hip bones.

The resulting injuries will be similar to what the little girl received and could be fatal. A shoulder belt will at the most bruise or cause a minor abrasion on the child’s neck but it won’t decapitate them. A proper fitted bolster will also provide strong shoulder belt position. This mom warns parents about child safety in cars, so please make a note as this could save your child’s life.

Tips on car safety

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