Russia plans on building a lunar base by 2030 – An Insight to the Report


The Russian News Agency TASS recently reported that Russia is keen on building a lunar base by the year 2030. Now, this has come off as surprising yet refreshing news especially after the country has never pretended to be in a “race to the moon” unlike the United States of America. Moreover, the country not only plans to send cosmonauts to the moon but also intends on keeping them there. Now this is what you call space science at its best!

1 Angara A5V

Since decades Russia has always been “hush hush” about its “moon target”, but now the country’s news agency, TASS has revealed that they are planning to call for about 6 launches of the Angara A5V heavy lift rocket in order to put enough amount of hardware into the orbit for their very first mission that happens to involve establishing a base on the moon by the year 2030.

A lunar base definitely seems something unreal as if arising straight from some kind of science fiction book. But, truly Russia is trying this for real and has set its targets soaring to the “moon”. Reportedly the European and Russian agencies are planning to go to the moon and an eventual agreement has been decided for.

 Angara A5V

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