12 Simple Rules Recommended By Doctors To Raise A Healthy Child

Every person slightly loses their mind a little after having a baby. Nights without sleep aren’t a major factor. Every mother and father has a grave concern about their child, whether anything is wrong with them or not.  Every parent tries to figure out from their child’s breathing and behavior whether it is okay or not. Most children grow and develop in natural means according to most pediatricians. But, to raise a healthy child, the parents have to stay as calm as possible and observe some important things. This article includes data from most pediatricians and concludes that these are the 8 most important facts about their child’s health that every parent should know.


1Don’t prescribe your own medication

Giving your child medication without prescriptions should be avoided at all situations. It doesn’t matter if their grandmother knows what the best medicine or if someone else’s child had similar symptoms and the medicines helped him. People don’t realize that simple nose drops can be harmful to the child rather than being good. You should always choose the safest option possible, whether it be talking your child to a pediatric doctor at Southwest Care if the situation isn’t critical or calling an ambulance.

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2Improve your child’s immunity

You should help your child’s immune system develop by creating comfortable conditions, so that all viruses and bacteria can be fought off and your child can be perfectly healthy. There are many ways to improve your child’s immunity.

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3Breastfeed the child for 6 months

There are several antibodies in breast milk and this gives breastfed babies passive immunity for longer. In the first few days following birth, the mother will produce thick yellowish milk called colustrum. This is even richer in antibodies and is particularly beneficial for the child.

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4Conditions and activity

When at home, create ideal conditions with the temperature not higher than 72 F. The home should be well ventilated and humidity should be a minimum of 50%. Physical activity should not be neglected, make sure your child plays outdoors for an hour every day. Sunlight too some extent is good to get their daily dose of vitamin D.

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