10 Routine jobs that are most hazardous for your eyes and can impair vision

Our eyes could dwell be the most delicate part of our bodies abused the most. Can you even contemplate a world without vision? While it may be ok to lose the sense of taste or even sound, it would be traumatic and devastating to go blind especially when one has been born with the gift of vision. Your vision is a miracle of evolution which should never be taken for granted. However in life there are several jobs that damage our eyes and although we may be compelled to work in such environments, utmost precautions should be taken when it comes to protecting our eyes. Here are 10 jobs that damage your eyes.


1 Welder

Welding is extremely dangerous for the eyes. The intensity of the heat and flashing is enough to impair and even blind your vision. According to the occupational health and safety administration, welding, cutting and brazing are hazardous health risks that affect almost 500,000 workers. One should always practice the highest levels of safety during such an occupational hazard. You also need to be careful when working with the chillers used alongside welding since they could cause injury if not used properly.

Welder job

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2 Archaeologist

Archaeologists always face a lot of eye strain and computer vision syndrome as well as sun exposure all the time. Harmful UV rays can damage eyes to a large extent. Archaeologists are also exposed to wind, sand and dust. UV ray damage is impossible to avoid by archaeologists who can develop a condition called Pterygium which features surface lesions of the eyes.

Archaeologist job

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3 Crop Worker

Like Archaeologists, crop workers also face a lot of sun, dust and wind exposure. Crop workers can experience sunburn of the eye, photophobia and partial or total loss of vision. The only way to protect your eyes is complete eye protection from sun.

Crop Worker

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4 Verizon Customer Service Representative

It’s a dangerous business selling cell phones and those can damage eyes too. The radio waves emitted from cell phones can even cause cancer. Smartphone’s emit a blue light that is toxic for the back of your eyes causing macular degeneration. In order to reduce the risks of damage opticians recommend taking frequent breaks from computers and smart phones.

Verizon Customer Service Representative

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5 Chemical Lab Technician

Among jobs that damage your eyes, lab technicians are always exposed to toxic chemicals constantly on the job. Such exposure on a daily basis is harmful to eyes. Take for example dental technicians who are exposed to benzoyl peroxide, this is a known allergen for eyes. Even as you can wear gloves in a lab, there’s no surety for your eyes.

Chemical Lab Technician

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6 Administrator

CVS or computer vision syndrome is defined by the American Optometric Association as complicated eye and vision problems related to work experienced during computer use. It affects about 65% of people and 90% of people who spend about 3 hours per day in front of a computer screen. Such a condition routinely causes symptoms such as eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision, red or pink eyes, light sensitivity and headaches.


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7 Data Analyst

Eye problems from being exposed to computer screens also plague data analysts who sit in front of a computer the whole day. Despite of a high salary, it still isn’t worth the assured CVS that comes along with it. Opticians suggest taking frequent breaks such as 20 seconds and viewing an object 20 feet away for twenty minutes to reduce the risk of eye damage. We do highly recommend checking in with local optometry practices to get checked over and keep on top of your vision as it is a vital tool for every day life.

Data Analyst

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8 Lifeguard

A lifeguard’s occupation is extremely hazardous for eyes due to sun wind and salt water exposure to eyes. Lifeguards need to stare out in the sun out of job compulsions and as a result are exposed to constant UV rays leading to macular degeneration, corneal damage and cataracts. High quality Polarized lenses would do much to minimize the risk to eyes in such cases.

Lifeguard job

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9 ER Nurse

Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of eye damage and an ER nurse is constantly deprived of sleep. Lack of sleep results in dryness and no lubrication. This causes damage, blurred vision and light sensitivity. Sleep deprivation for long periods of time can lead to Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy that causes eye spasms. One can also experience permanent eye damage.

ER Nurse

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10 Electrician

Electricians have a risky job, so next time you see your switchboard upgrade cost, just bare in mind the danger of the job that they have to carry out The risk of electrical burns affecting eyes is great where ocular burns can happen in when one comes in contact with faulty electrical circuits. Of course the damage depends on the voltage involved. A further health hazard of an electrician where eye damage is concerned is exposure to heat, electrical shock and electrical flashes that can emit a huge intensity of light. Such are the jobs that damage your eyes, it’s a matter of protection since we all need jobs too don’t we?

Electrician job

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