Researchers claimed humans going to breath underwater soon!


Danish researchers have developed a crystalline material capable of extracting oxygen from the surrounding environment and then restore it.

The originally crystal research team hopes that it can be used for medical purposes, but does not rule in its statement that it also serves for entertainment such as diving. In both cases, it will transport oxygen while avoiding the heavy metal bottles.

1 The properties of this material

It is an amazing material that a team of researchers from the University of Southern Denmark has developed.A crystalline material which has the ability to capture the oxygen from air or water and store it in large quantities. The work of this team was published in late July 2014 in the journal of Chemical Sciences. Indeed, this material has a strong affinity for oxygen that selectively absorbs within its crystal structure. Within the hemoglobin, this selective binding of oxygen is carried out on an iron ion. Within this material, it is cobalt that serves as an attachment point.

The properties of this material

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