Research Says That Big-Headed Babies Are More Likely To Be Intelligent and Smarter

The parents are very cautious about their kids especially the new-born babies and they may get a little concerned if they see that their kid has a big head. Considering the fact, that there are so many diseases spreading nowadays every parent want to be sure that their kid is fit and fine. Usually, when a baby is born, the head is oblong or strangely shaped as this is the result of the pressure that has been experienced by the baby’s head while taking birth.

Most probably, the kid’s head will get in normal shape within the 24-72 hours after birth but there are some kids who are big headed but still parents don’t need to worry.

1The special moment

Birth of a baby is a very special moment for the parents and other family members as a new cute and beautiful member has joined their family. It is a great experience that almost every couple wants to have in their lifetime and when it happens, they are not able to stop the tears of joys coming from their eyes.

Baby after birth

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2The question

As parents are very careful about everything related to their kid, they doesn’t need much time to notice that their kid’s head and ask, isn’t the kid’s head a little big? The first thing that comes to their mind is that whether it is a medical condition or disability and they need to consult their doctor or not.

The question

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3Being a big head is not insulting

Now you don’t need to get angry if someone calls your kid a big head as the researchers have stated that being big head is a sign of being more intelligent. Researchers at Edinburgh University conducted a study and as per the results, the babies born with big head are smarter and intelligent.

Big Head baby

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4About the study

It was in 2016 when this study was published and it studied the data related to 100,000 U.K. residents whose age ranges from 37 till 73. The researchers stated that there was a clear and strong association between the scores of various cognitive tests and other test scores such as polygenic profile scores.

About the study

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5The findings of the study

The researchers are of the opinion that the babies with big heads have more chances of getting high scores in verbal or numerical reasoning tests and they also have more chances of getting more degrees. The researcher, Saskia Hagenaars also said that this study also strengthens the existing theory which says that people with better health are more likely of have intelligence of higher level.

The findings of the study

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