3 Simple and painless ways to remove ear hair

Hair is a protein filament that grows from the surface of the skin. Most of the human body is covered in hair follicles that help facilitate the growth of hair and protein keratin, from which hairs are made. The amount of hair on a person’s body depends a lot on the genetics and the environment people live in. Some people tend to have lot of hair on their body as compared to other people. Females tend to have less hair on their body as compared to their male counterparts.


With age, the hair growth becomes uncontrolled and hair on places like inside the nose and ear begins to look ungainly. Not many guys realize that they have ear hair, until someone points it out to them. Now there are many ways to remove those unsightly hair, but we bring to you 3 of the most simple ways.

1 Ear hair

Ear hair is an ungainly sight for many of us. And sadly many men have ear hair and they are oblivious to that fact. In fact, Radhakant Bajpai from India holds the Guinness record for the longest ear hair in the world, measuring at a whopping 13.2 cms in 2003, which reached to 25 cms in 2009.


Having ear hair is not only an ungainly sight but the growing hair might even cause tinnitus. Also excess of hairs on the ear might block the ear canal and cause partial or complete deafness. Therefore it becomes necessary to remove the ear hair and we have 3 simple ways to remove them.

Ear hair

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2 Trimmer

Using an ear hair trimmer is the most logical and simplest things to do, if you have ear hair. These hair trimmers are also called nose hair trimmers and they are designed to reach the small canals of the ears in order to remove the hair in a gentle way. Since it doesn’t get the root, you might have to repeat the process every few weeks, but it seems to be a worthy investment, that keeps you from looking unruly and gross.


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3 Lemon Juice

If you are not comfortable or are fidgety about using a trimmer in your ear, then you can use an age old technique to bleach hair. People in different parts of world apply fresh lemon juice on their hair and sit in the sun. Doing so bleaches the hair on which lemon juice is applied and the color of the hair becomes less dark and even blonde. After frequent use, the acid in the juice will kill the roots of small hairs and prevent any further growth of the hair on the parts where you apply it. So simply squeeze out juice from one lemon and apply it on your ear hair and roam outside for a few minutes. Though the method takes some time, it prevents growth of hair in future.

Lemon Juice

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4 Papaya paste

This method may have some more things than just a lemon, but it is as natural and as effective as the last one. Papayas are known as nature’s hair removers, since they contain an enzyme that tends to destroy the roots of hair and prevent hair growth. To make the paste, you will need 3-4 tablespoons of grounded papaya, pinch of turmeric powder and mix the two up well making a paste out if it.

Papaya paste

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Now apply this paste on the hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off carefully. You need to repeat this for a few weeks, since the results are not immediate.


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