The reason why native Indian American Men have long hair is almost supernatural


What you are about to read is an amazing story true to the core and the reason why Indians have long hair without which they even lose some of their unique tracking abilities. The present culture leads people to believe that long hair even among men is a preference arising from cosmetic issues.

However during the Vietnam War research carried out on Native Indian Americans drafted into the army because of their tracking abilities yielded something stunning. Read on to find out.


1 A shocking revelation

A woman whose name has been withheld revealed that her husband, a license American Psychologist stationed at the VA Medical Hospital worked frequently with combat personnel fighting in Vietnam. One day he was given a folder with official documents that contained research material commissioned by the government. What he read inside changed his life and perspective as he found the content absolutely shocking. The woman revealed also that her husband started growing his hair and beard after that.

What the women found out as she read the documents was the following: Undercover experts from the war departments frequently combed Indian reservations to identify those with exceptional tracking abilities. The need for such trackers was immediate in order to scout the Vietnamese terrain. Men with intuitive and psychic tracking abilities were particularly sought after. However there was a requirement.

Man with long hair

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