15 Really Weird Objects That Were Washed Up On Ocean Shores

The Ocean is a mysterious place. Though it contains some eerie life forms at its greatest depths, it also has some pretty strange objects floating around in it. Strong ocean currents usually wash some of the up on beaches where people find them and post them online. Some of these objects may be common items but surprisingly many are intriguing like space debris and will make you wonder how they got there in the first place. Many are stationary objects lying deposited on beaches and shallow waters too. Take a look at the weird objects washed up by the ocean.


1Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Ikuo Yokoyama form Japan had the misfortune of losing three family members in the tsunami of 2011. He also lost his Harley Davidson in the event. Surprisingly the bike washed up in British Columbia, 3000 miles away. The bike was rusty no doubt but a Harley representative after finding out the story, tracked down Yokoyama and offered to transport the bike back to him fully repaired.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Image Source: www.keblog.it


2Rubber ducks

This was unlike the Lego statues. In 1992, a shipping container accident resulted in a shipment of these rubber ducks floating in the ocean. For at least two years people started finding rubber ducks like this washed up on beaches around the world.

Rubber ducks

Image Source: itv.com


3Mystery eyeball

Beachgoers in Florida found this mystery eyeball in Florida in 2012. When fish and wildlife departments investigated, they concluded it was from a swordfish. Fishermen may have cut the eyeball from a swordfish and tossed it ashore.

Mystery eyeball

Image Source: abcnews.com


4A German U boat

For the people of Hastings, this must have been a memorable and awestruck day in 1919. To their amazement, they found a huge German U Boat SMU-118 that had washed up on the beach. The class two U boat was destined for France when its tow line broke and it went underwater off the Sussex coast.

A German U boat

Image Source: www.urbanghostsmedia.com


5Space debris

When Kevin Eichelberger was vacationing in the Bahamas with his friends on 2015, he found something amazing on the beach. It was none other than space debris from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which had crashed in mid-April. Part of it washed up on Elbow cay which is where Kevin found it. Eichelberger also tweeted Elon Musk about it who showed appreciation about the find.

Space debris

Image Source: cloudfront.net


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