16 Real People Who Look Like They Walked Out of a Fantasy Novel

13Rodrigo Alves

He is known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ and is a Brazilian-British television personality. His unique facial features are the result of having dozens of plastic surgeries done on his face to make him look like the renowned plastic doll, Ken. He said that he had undergone 103 cosmetic procedures that coasted around £500,000 to get his look.

Rodrigo Alves

Image Source: famosidades.com.br

14Chul Soon Hwang

His nickname is “Asian Arnold” and rightfully so as the Korean bodybuilder is known for his incredible physique that features chiseled 8-pack abs along with the rest of his body that makes him look like a Greek God. This body of his has made him a celebrity in Korea as well as around the world.

Chul Soon Hwang

Image Source: twimg.com

15This child from Nepal

We’re not sure who this child is but we know he is from Nepal and has Cat eye syndrome. This mutates a person’s eyes to make them look like the ones of a cat. This is a beautiful child and he is going to look marvellous when he grows up.

This child from Nepal

Image Source: vocesabia.com

16Sajad Gharibi

The image you are looking at is not edited but the real-life image of Sajad Gharibi a.k.a ‘The Iranian Hulk’. He has taken social media by storm because of his massive size. He apparently stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs a massive 175 kilos or 385 pounds. His photos are often spammed with comments calling his physique ‘Photoshopped’ but he has videos to prove them wrong.

Sajad Gharibi

Image Source: wprost.pl


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