16 Real People Who Look Like They Walked Out of a Fantasy Novel

5Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández

Born and raised in Maracay, Venezuela, Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández is the current Guinness World Recorder for the category of largest feet on a living person – male. His right foot was measured at 40.1 cm (1.31 ft) while his left was at 39.6 cm (1.30 ft). For his unusual size of feet, he requires custom shoes to be made.

Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández

Image Source: www.teepr.com

6Sultan Kösen

You can say he is the exact opposite of Jyoti Amge as he is currently the world’s tallest living male. Standing really tall at 8 ft 2.82 in or 251 centimeters, his growth was attributed to a condition called acromegaly which was caused by a tumor. Unfortunately, due to his large size, he requires crutches to walk.

Sultan Kösen

Image Source: yandex.net

7Maxwell Day

Living in the UK this 15-year-old has the rare and unique ability to turn his feet back-to-front. He actually broke the previous record held by Moses Lanham. Moses Lanham could turn his feet 120° whereas Maxwell can rotate his right foot 157° and his left foot 143°. Maxwell was featured in the Guinness World Records 2017 Edition.

Maxwell Day

Image Source: vseznaesh.ru

8Mehmet Özyürek

He was born in Turkey and currently holds the world record for having the world’s longest nose. He was born on October 17th, 1949 and his parents soon noticed his oversized nose. Today his nose measures at 8.8 cm (3.55 inches). His name was added to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 after it was measured in Rome, Italy.

Mehmet Özyürek

Image Source: www.cheatsheet.com


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