10 Rare and bizarre medical conditions that will spook you

The human body is nothing less than a puzzle and when it comes to diagnosing any kind of diseases, this puzzle further complicates that process. With advent of medical science, the number of newer and weirder medical ailments discovered have also increased. We bring to you 10 of the most weirdest medical conditions ever discovered.

1 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a disease of connective tissues in the skin. People suffering from this disease have loose skin, as the biology of the collagen is altered. The skin becomes soft, stretchy and can be bruised easily, wounds easily and heals poorly.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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2 Blue man syndrome

Paul Karason became famous when he appeared on a news channel with his whole skin turned blue. Known as papa smurf, Karason had self treated his skin condition with a concoction made with silver. He was also drinking colloidal silver or liquid silver to treat his condition for 14 years as it was used as an antibiotic before penicillin was invented in 1930s.

Blue man syndrome

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3 Aphanthasia

For normal people, when they hear anything, a visual image is formed immediately in their brains. For example, someone says apple, and immediately a picture of a good and ripe apple is formed. But people with Aphanthasia cannot form any image in their imagination. This condition happen either after a brain injury or it can be a congenital condition. Such people find it difficult to visualize things and or imagine pictures in their heads to remember faces.


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