14 Questionable Secrets They Are Still Not Telling You About 9/11

11Why won’t anyone tell the FBI what happened?

This is perhaps the biggest unsolved conspiracy theory which needs to be clarified to the American people. Why was there a communication block between the CIA and the FBI? There were potent information and leads which the FBI was deliberately kept away from. These questions are perhaps more scandalous than the questions pertaining to John. F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories too.

FBI agents

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12Could the attacks have been prevented?

Since it is clear now that CIA did not share its intelligence with the FBI and it blocked warning and information for both the 2000 and the 2001 attacks (according to 2 FBI agents who were transferred to CIA), now many are convinced that the attacks could have been prevented if these 2 organizations were better coordinated and in sync. This has certainly made the incident a more tragic one which had a certain chance of being avoided.

People running near world trade tower

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13Was the U.S. government in cahoots with the Saudi Arabian government?

According to the authors Ray Nowoseilski and John Duffy, authors of the famous book The Watchdogs Didn’t Bark: The CIA, NSA, and the Crimes of the War on Terror, it is highly possible that the U.S and Saudi Arabian government were partners in crime for not only the whole tragedy but also the secrecy maintained about it. It was a wide scale government cover-up job with the help of Saudi Arabia, a scandalous possibility which has not been negated by any of the government officials even after 17 years.

Nowoseilski and John Duffy

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14Will it happen again?

This is a question which is so basic that even a school kid might ask his parents or teachers as well? Will it happen again? Although the security measures against any possible attack or plane hijacks have been beefed up to a very high level, the fact that now we are finally “safe” has started to sink in. It sets up the sense of complacency which makes any security network vulnerable for future threats. When the guards are down than any weak moment or any weak link may prove lethal.

Security measures

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