14 Questionable Secrets They Are Still Not Telling You About 9/11

6Why did the government ignore this final warning?

This one is really the most shocking and disturbing discovery. Just a day before the tragedy NSA (National Security Agency) intercepted 2 cryptic but highly suggestive messages from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia which should have made even a high school student suspicious too! One said “Tomorrow is zero hour” and other one said, “The match begins tomorrow”. These messages were translated but on the 12th of September, too little and too late for everyone.

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7Where was the NSA on September 10, 2001?

Now since we all know that NSA was not exactly on the desk doing the code translation on the 10th of September, the obvious questions arises where was it engaged otherwise on that day that it missed 2 of the warnings? In fact, the CIA was on high alert since 23rd of August that a major terrorist attack was imminent but not NSA?

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8How early did the government know?

All major American airlines as was well as airport security were alerted by the FAA as early as July 31st that terror groups are planning and training for hijacking. In fact, this was one of the many warning already issued by the FAA which had its suspicions about Osama Bin Laden’s intentions since 1998. The FAA clearly wanted airlines to be always at a “high alert mode”, but the FAA was never taken seriously by the FBI or the NSA. The reasons are best known to them till this date.

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9Why didn’t anyone bother to warn us?

According to the CNN reports, the CIA had already reported the President about the imminent danger posed by the Al Qaeda and the information of possible hijacking was sent to the embassies and overseas organizations but were not made open to general American public who were the victims of the tragedy. If they thought the threats were not serious or the public could make no difference, we believe they must have realized their blunders after the large number of civilian casualties.

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10How about in the future? Will we be warned?

This June the European Union has passed legislation that has been termed “life-saving.” It would require any government body to alert citizens regarding any potential terrorist threats .U.S agencies are now more forthcoming too. The homeland security, according to CNN had a color-coded system in which red meant the ultimate threat for the Americans. But again surprisingly it has been replaced by the National Terrorism Advisory Systems, which refers to the threats as either “elevated” or “imminent” and that can be quite ambiguous to understand. Major phone companies also have the capabilities of warning their subscribers about any change in the threat levels.

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