14 Questionable Secrets They Are Still Not Telling You About 9/11

Half of the American population firmly believe that there are many facts about the deadly 9/11 attack which rocked not just America but also the world, are still not disclosed to the public. Several conspiracy theories have abounded some of which are so strong in their argument, it makes one wonder what’s right and what’s wrong. Here are 14 disturbing secrets about those ghastly events which are still unknown to the majority of the population even after 17 years of the debacle.


1The real reason the towers collapsed so quickly

The twin towers were no weak buildings but being one of the biggest landmarks of New York City, they were well planned and well built. They were in fact, made strong enough to actually withstand the impact of jet planes!! But still, it collapsed like pack of cards when the crash happened.

The real reason the towers collapsed so quickly

Image Source: nyafuu.org


2It has triggered several rumors and theories

This has created a lot of rumors one in which it’s believed that many explosives were strategically placed in the building’s structure beforehand which caused the buildings to collapse demolition style. Though there has been no proof of this conjecture, it sure makes you wonder.

Word trade tower

Image Source: businessinsider.com


3The mystery of the molten aluminum

According to two scientists who were featured in a Smithsonian channel, aluminum melts at a mind-boggling 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and if it comes in contact with water it becomes a deadly explosive.

Mystery of the molten aluminum

Image Source: www.foreignpolicyjournal.com


4Airplanes are made mostly of aluminum

The airplanes are basically aluminum based and possibly after the impact in the building and the bomb blast, the aluminum of the planes melted and exploded when came in contact with the water sprinklers. This could in a way explain the “demolition style” collapse of the towers too but still, the theory was not corroborated by any official departments.

Airplanes are made mostly of aluminum

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5The missing evidence

What is most surprising amidst all this is the fact that Smithsonian scientists pointed out that not a single government official even mention the presence of wreckage of the 2 aircraft in the debris, which was clearly seen by the entire world crashing into the towers. Are we to believe the investigators were ignorant enough not to recognize molten aluminum or did they choose to conveniently ignore it from their records and if yes then why?

The missing evidence

Image Source: www.digiscribe.info


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