Queen Elizabeth II Reveals Rare Secrets from Her Coronation Ceremony She Withheld For 65 Years

On 2nd June 1953 the world was greeted with a stately and elaborate spectacle as an English Monarch’s coronation was being televised and broadcasted for the first time on radio and television much to the chagrin of the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Queen Elizabeth II rode in a golden state coach down from Buckingham Palace past the mall, across Trafalgar Square and to Westminster Abbey.

1A coronation ceremony full of pomp and pageantry

She was decked in all her finery complete with scepter, orb and a huge heavy crown on her head. Many may have thought how Elizabeth then just 27 at the time might have been so proud of that eventful moment. After all she was to become the Queen of England. What did she feel, what was her opinion about the whole thing? Now finally in an interview, the queen reveals coronation secrets she kept within her for 65 years.

A coronation ceremony full of pomp

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2What the queen revealed about her coronation day

Imagine you having to wear the entire day a heavy brocade lined outfit. On top of that a heavy red velvet robe, decked in jewels, then walk down an aisle with a scepter and an orb and a heavy thingamajig oh well!! A crown equally heavy with jewels on your head. Would you feel comfortable? Obviously not! And Queen Elizabeth reveals how she hated it.

queen revealed about her coronation day

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3She disliked the entire carriage ride

Yes!! Queen Elizabeth the II disliked her coronation ceremony because of the discomfort it caused her. Speaking in an hour long interview to BBC one, where she recollected memories of her coronation, She described how the carriage ride was horrible as the “only sprung on leather.” The lack of suspension made it extremely uncomfortable.

She disliked the entire carriage ride

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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