Queen Elizabeth Attends the Biggest High Society Wedding of the Year

On 25th June, London was treated to one of the biggest events of the year, attended by dozens of royalty and the Queen herself. In what was termed the biggest high society wedding of the year, it was the Queen’s son, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales who gave away the bride, heiress Alexandria Knatchbull, the daughter of Lord and Lady Brabourne who incidentally were the Queen’s closest friends.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the II looked elegant in her peach colored dress on which she wore a gold brooch and a hat to match. Prince Charles in his usual three piece suit walked the beautiful Alexandria down the aisle.

1 Prince Charles Gave away the Bride

Royal weddings are typical of the pomp and pageantry and the high society wedding of the year was no exception. Every member is no doubt a symbol of the most fashionable dressing as you can see from these images. The wedding celebration was also graced by Princess Anne, who accompanied her parents at the ceremony held at Romsey Abbey.

Prince Charles Gave away the Bride

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2 The Bride Is the Great Granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten

Alexandria Knatchbull, 33 is a Theology graduate from Regents Park College, Oxford and works as a forensic accountant. She is the great granddaughter of Late Lord Mountbatten and also goddaughter of Diana Spencer, the late princess of Wales. The day chosen for the wedding was significant for the family as it was the 116th birthday of Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was the last viceroy of India who was assassinated by an IRA bomb planted on his leisure Yacht in Mullaghmore County,Sligo, Ireland.

Great Granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

3 The Bride Was the Centre of Attraction in Her White Satin Dress

The Bride wore a resplendent white satin dress embroidered in lace. Ms. Knatchbull’s father, Lord Norton Brabourne is also the godson of the Duke of Edinburgh and long time friend of Prince Charles, who was his best man at his wedding.

The Bride Was the Centre of Attraction

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4 The Guest List Included Bureaucrats and Royalty

The wedding guests included bureaucrats and Royalty from Britain and abroad. The foreign aristocracy which attended included Queen Sophia of Spain, former King Constantine II and Queen Anna Marie of Greece. The children of Mountbatten School,which had been set up by the late Lord Mountbatten were also present at the wedding. The clergyman officiating over the ceremony was the Rev Canon Timothy sledge.

Queen Sophia of Spain

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5 Big Congratulations to the Happy Couple

With the religious vows over, the gleaming and happy couple posed for photographs outside the arch doorway of the abbey. Ms. Knatchbull got married to her long time fiancé Thomas Hooper, who was a director of Third Space learning, a teacher entrepreneurial partnership. The couple admitted they waited a long time for this big day,to make the event the most special moment of their life and had put in considerable efforts to make it a success.

Prince charles alexandra knatchbull wedding

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