Paralyzed from Chin Down, this quadriplegic woman spends £10K trying to look like Barbie

Barbie was one of the most iconic toys of the 20th century and till today the effect she has had on woman around the world has not waned. There are many who strive to look like their plastic idol. However among all the Barbie fans out there, one stands out as noteworthy of mention especially because she is a quadriplegic.


Jasmine Brittany is wheel chair ridden and is paralyzed from neck down but that didn’t stop her from looking like her favorite doll and is now known as the world’s first quadriplegic Barbie.

1 She spends hours trying to look like Barbie

Despite her predicament, Jasmine Brittany spends hours trying to look like her favorite idol, Barbie. Although it does sound extreme to some extent knowing that she has spent £10,000 attempting to transform herself into her favorite icon, one must realize that this is what makes her happy and could well be a possible deterrent from her unfortunate condition.


Jasmine Brittany is just 26 and hails from Finland. She was tragically paralyzed in a car crash in 1998 when she was just nine years old. Her spinal cord had been severed beyond repair and ever since has had to go through life in a wheel chair.

Jasmine Brittany

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2 Still lacks confidence to pose for magazines

Jasmin who was born Katarina Koskiranta aims to prove that even though afflicted by her terrible fate, she will not let that get her down. She will live life to its fullest and what drives her on is her passion for Barbie.

Not just Barbie, Jasmin also loves dressing up as Britney spears another of her idols as you can see from the blonde look. But do you think she spends all her time dressed up like this and sitting at home? no!!! Because Jasmin also volunteers for charities and counseling groups. Although she may be a quadriplegic Barbie, this girl is truly commendable. In her Video she still exclaims that she lacks confidence and possesses a sense of insecurity, each time she gets an offer to feature in a magazine she panics. She feels that she will be portrayed in a negative way making her out to be ugly.

Jasmin also loves dressing up as Britney spears

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3 Never give up!! That is Jasmin’s motto

Jasmin’s paralysis was a result if her devastating accident where a driver to busy texting while driving failed to see her cross the road. The car hit her head on and flung her 23 meters across the road. She was knocked unconscious and awoke to find herself in hospital. She found she couldn’t move hr limbs and was paralyzed from the chin down.

Jasmin was featured in a Finnish tabloid as the world’s first quadriplegic Barbie and since then she has received tons of fans and followers who express their solidarity and support. Despite her injury, Jasmin aims to remain positive. “It would be really easy for me to just give up and be in despair and not care about anything. “But I thought: why would I spend my life on hatred and giving up? It still wouldn’t give me my health back so being angry and full of hate wouldn’t make any sense.”


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