Paralyzed from Chin Down, this quadriplegic woman spends £10K trying to look like Barbie


Barbie was one of the most iconic toys of the 20th century and till today the effect she has had on woman around the world has not waned. There are many who strive to look like their plastic idol. However among all the Barbie fans out there, one stands out as noteworthy of mention especially because she is a quadriplegic.

Jasmine Brittany is wheel chair ridden and is paralyzed from neck down but that didn’t stop her from looking like her favorite doll and is now known as the world’s first quadriplegic Barbie.

1 She spends hours trying to look like Barbie

Despite her predicament, Jasmine Brittany spends hours trying to look like her favorite idol, Barbie. Although it does sound extreme to some extent knowing that she has spent £10,000 attempting to transform herself into her favorite icon, one must realize that this is what makes her happy and could well be a possible deterrent from her unfortunate condition.


Jasmine Brittany is just 26 and hails from Finland. She was tragically paralyzed in a car crash in 1998 when she was just nine years old. Her spinal cord had been severed beyond repair and ever since has had to go through life in a wheel chair.

Jasmine Brittany

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