Watch what happens when two puppies come face to face with a deadly cobra

We have seen other animals showing motherly instincts towards other animals of different species. Dogs adopting cats, cats adopting chickens, apes adopting tiger cubs and even a gorilla protecting a human child that had fallen into its enclosure at zoo. The mother gorilla kept other gorillas from coming near the kid and kept a watch on the child until it was rescued by the zoo workers.

Recently in India, a similar incident took place, as two puppies fell into a well and what happened next will make you wonder about the workings of nature and the animal kingdom. See this amazing story through a video.

1 The puppies

The incident took place in the Indian state of Punjab, where two puppies fell into a well. On realizing that the puppies were missing; their owner went looking for the puppies along with their mother. But he couldn’t find the puppies anywhere even after searching for a long time. After two days, he heard the mother of the puppies barking loudly in order to gain his attention.

The mother of the puppies then led the owner to a well. On further inspection, he looked in the well and found that the pups had fallen inside. Fortunately for them, there was very little water in the well and that too were pooled in a side. The man wanted to get in the well and bring the pups out, but he saw something that froze him to his spot.

The puppies

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