11 Psychological Tricks You Can Start Using Now To Make Life Easier

Life problems are stressful and difficult to cope with, and every now and then we do wish that we had a magical button that would help solve everything. However, we all know that such a thing is unrealistic and we got to take care of our problems on our own. While a miracle may not be possible, there are certain psychological tricks which might come in handy when dealing with difficulties, fixing relationships, and even achieving some peace of mind. So, here are some secret psychological tricks which can definitely help make your life easier:


1To get support from someone later, ask them for a small favor today

Asking a person you barely know for a small favor such as to borrow a pencil or a pen can go a long way in creating a foundation for the development of a relationship. Once they do you favor there are higher chances of them doing more for you or something far bigger for you in the future? If you have a colleague who happens to dislike you, then asking their opinion on some important matter will help in improving the relationship between the two of you in them at some point.

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2To find out whether someone likes you or not, use just one word

Instead of asking a person directly whether they like you or not, just choose a specific word and whenever the person says the same word or a synonym of it, simply nod and smile. If the person does like you, they will use this word more frequently when they speak.

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3To calm down chew on bubble gum

Scientific research suggests that the action of chewing gum helps in decreasing the level of cortisol or stress hormones significantly. One explanation for this is that when chewing gum, the muscles in your jaw and face cause blood to rush to the head thereby making you more relaxed. There is yet another explanation which implies that we may be associating it with food and chewing that make us calmer and happier. Chewing gum can also help us avoid bad habits like stress-eating and nail-biting.

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4To improve your relationship tell someone a secret

Sharing a secret with someone is a good way to win their trust. Needless to say, that you don’t exactly need of telling them something really important if your goal is to simply build a good relationship. Showing a person that you trust them by entrusting them with your secrets will make them feel connected with you and will come to trust you as well.

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