10 Psychological Tips To Transform Your Life And Make You A People Magnet

8Be a good friend

When you make friends with new people the key to strengthening your friendship is to be a good friend. Always try to support and help your friends. Let them know that you are someone who they can count on. When your friend needs emotional support, be there for them. Today most people are too busy to care less. In life, no-one should ever be busy for offering solace, comfort or being there for someone.

Don’t be judgmental

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9Spend time together

New friendships are forged by spending and sharing time together. The best places to do this are parties, cinemas, and restaurants where you can enjoy and have a good time together. This will help in deepening your ties with others. Even a walk in a park can help you bond with someone.

Friends laughing

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10Keep in touch

Nowadays, life can get very busy which makes it rather difficult to stay in touch with friends. But staying in touch is the only way to preserve a long-lasting relationship. You can stay in touch and remain updated with whatever is happening in the lives of your friends via social media. Technology has given us several platforms of communication and you should use them in the best way possible.

Keep in touch

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11A good impression with body language

Half of the success in attracting new people depends on making a good first impression. So, how do you make a lasting impression? The answer is with your gestures. By assuming a modest yet inviting position while sitting in front of someone will make them feel like you are interested in talking to them. This will make them instantly like you. Always remember that body language is as important as your words.

A good impression with body language

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