10 Psychological Tips To Transform Your Life And Make You A People Magnet

4Don’t be afraid

Trying to strike up conversations with new people can be a terrifying experience. But remember that the more you try to be fun and a good conversationalist, the less genuine you will seem to others. It’s always better to be yourself.

Strike up conversations

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5Show that you are interested

When conversing with someone new, listen more to what they say before speaking yourself. People like receiving attention, but make sure that you are heard as much. Make them feel that you are interested in getting to know them. Moreover, show interest in a conversation when someone is speaking.

Show that you are interested

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6Don’t make too many assumptions

Thinking that you aren’t nice or funny enough to others are assumptions made by you. This doesn’t mean that others think you are boring or not nice. In fact, all of this might just be in your head, and people can be more receptive than you think. Not everyone has the gift of being a standup comic so it’s not necessary to be funny to be liked. Your genuine interest to be part of a conversation and your opinion and input is just as valuable.

Don’t make too many assumptions

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7Don’t be judgmental

Having preconceptions of who should be your new friends or what they should be like is normal. But you should give a person a chance and get to know them. It may just turn out that people who may not have anything in common with you at first might turn out to be the most interesting people you will ever meet in your life. As they say don’t judge a book by its cover.

Don’t be judgmental

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